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On the beautiful beachfront of Half Moon Bay in North Akumal is a one-of-a-kind restaurant and bar: La Buena Vida—The Good Life.  And, we’re rated a Top 3 restaurant in Akumal on TripAdvisor.

La Buena Vida always has a festive atmosphere with great music, cold beer, scenic ocean views, and good fresh food. Meals are served on the beach under shady palapas with a casual atmosphere and an appetizing menu, ranging from fresh ceviche to tasty hamburgers.

Just outside are two ‘miradors,’ or crow’s nests. These lookouts perch on the beach and have great panoramic views of the bay and sunsets.  (Climb at your own risk!)  All sorts of interesting details like the miradors can be found throughout our La Buena Vida hangout.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Pesos, and US Dollars.

Welcome to La Buena Vida Restaurant & Bar:
Welcome to The Good Life!

The original idea of La Buena Vida happened one night with a few friends sitting on the shores of Half Moon Bay. They were wishing they had a place to hang out, but there was nowhere to go.

Exactly six months later, on February 15, 1996 La Buena Vida opened its doors (so to speak, dropped its rope).

From that day on, La Buena Vida has been slowly growing, changing, evolving and morphing into what it is today. It will continue to change until it stops—and that will be the day it closes its rope.

The Most Important Thing…

Sit back; take your shoes off ( if you’re wearing them). Dig your feet into the sand and relax.

Just be. Enjoy. There is nothing that is more important than enjoying this moment, right now. That’s the intention of La Buena Vida: live in the moment.

Look around. There is a lot to see.

Please try the fresh juices that are available to replenish and cleanse.

Quality cocktails are an order away to amp the vacation festivities. Margaritas! We have a very extensive tequila menu; some of the best tequilas in Mexico are represented in our bar. Please try one of these very special sipping tequilas straight up in a one-and-a-half ounce shot glass.

We use only the highest quality ingredients in the preparation of our food. In keeping with local traditions of the Yucatan Peninsula, fresh local spices and herbs flavor the typical dishes of the area, providing an authentic experience of some of the best local Mexican and Mayan cuisine available in the region.

La Buena Vida has continued its evolution to include recycling and the use of bioplastics and recycled/recyclable paper products in all possible areas. We also compost our organic waste to create fertile soil used to replant and reforest the local area.

Over the years, we have created many different community projects that range from adult education for our local community to a plant nursery offering free native plants to anyone who wants them. Yearly donations are made to a variety of charities and local community projects.

Enjoy This Moment.

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Don’t forget to check out cool La Buena Vida merchandise across the street at The Bone Zone shop, with Day of the Dead hats, t-shirts, and other fun stuff for sale.