Hello to ALL that Love LA BUENA VIDA, 
La Buena Vida LOVES you too.
(and we miss you)

On this day 25 years ago, La Buena Vida opened its doors, or dropped the rope. 

It was an incredibly, wonderful night with everyone happy and everything going wrong.

The varnish on the swings had still not dried completely.
People came dressed up and ready to party and ended up stuck to the swings. 

A couple hours before opening, the top shelve of the three large plate shelves broke, taking down the two lower shelves with it.
85 plates shattered on the floor.  It was really loud.  For some strange reason no one freaked out and it did not really matter. (that sometime happens)

service was really bad, and the kitchen was completely backed up. (that sometimes happens)

There was a Beautiful ENERGY that night. (that sometimes happens)

So sadly, as La buena Vida reaches 25 years, the decision has been made to permanently close.  It has been such a great run, but now it is time to….

Sorry... Just messing around... La buena vida will keep ON going ON! (for now, until it stops) 

We would like to thank everyone that that has stepped foot into La Buena Vida over the years. (except that one guy, that one time)

You all have made La Buena Vida what it is today. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Please share your photos and stories. 

There are many more stories from this end. 
We will try to be more active with these. 

Question:  What were the two other names for the restaurant  that the name La Buena Vida beat out? 

We will plan a big 25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY  Super Spreader Event some time later this year. 

Hope you can make it.
Your table is waiting...where are you!? Photo @Nichols.lucy #enjoythismoment #halfmoonbay #akumal #beachbar
Blue sky, azure ocean, and a warm November breeze on #halfmoonbay. Oh, and don’t forget the fresh fish tacos and cold beer on tap at #labuenavidarestaurant in #akumal! #enjoythismoment #sandybeachbar #paradisefound
#dayofthedead altar at #labuenavidaakumal. Halloween party tonite starting at 7:30! Music, prizes and costumes. 🎃

Open 12 pm - 9 pm 7 days a week
Happy Hour 5-6

2023 Halloween Party!

October 31st - Costumes, music, come join in the spooky fun!

Reservations for parties of 12 or larger
Call us: 52-984-875-9061